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Whole Home DVR

Watch what you want, when you want, and where you want with a whole home DVR

Rebates Available

HMU offers rebates for installing high efficiency gas furnaces

Look For The Energy Star

Qualifying Energy Star appliances receive a rebate from HMU. Check the brochure before you buy.

Saving Energy = Saving Money

Click the link below for quick and easy money saving tips

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Community Support

Harlan Municipal Utilities has always been a strong supporter of our community through direct cash & in-kind contributions to the City and through various economic development contributions.

  • HMU purchases, installs and maintains
    all street lighting within the City of Harlan. We're currently replacing High Pressure Sodium lights with energy efficient LED lighting.

  • HMU installs and maintains
    City Christmas lights, ornaments and lighting.

  • HMU installs and maintains
    emergency sirens.

  • HMU purchases, installs and maintains
    City fire hydrants.

  • HMU assists City of Harlan crews
    in snow removal each year.

  • HMU bills all sewer, landfill & sewer connection fees
    for the City of Harlan.

  • HMU Meter Reader Watch Program
    Employees look for anything suspicious as they pass a residence. A build-up of newspapers or mail is a signal to notify authorities that there may be a problem.

  • Any HMU vehicle is a Safe Haven for anyone needing assistance
    Especially children. They are taught in the classroom that they can approach a parked HMU vehicle at any time for help.

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Norman D. Stamp Aquatic Center

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Therkildsen Activity Center

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