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Digital Television

HMU Cable Television

In May 1995, the citizens of Harlan voted to establish a Telecommunications utility. Harlan's hybrid fiber-coax network is a broadband 750 MHz system designed for high-quality television, high-speed data transmission, advanced energy services, improved telephone service, and long-term compatibility with emerging digital television technology.

In October of 2008, HMU launched a full tier of HD and digital programming plus expanded premium movie multiplexes .

In 2012, HMU began the first step in a long term plan to convert every residence and business with a direct fiber connection (FTTX). Approximately one-third of our customers were converted to fiber by the end of 2012. Direct fiber is 'future proof' allowing for an almost infinite ability to upgrade services and add additional IP based services over time.

We launched an updated cable TV channel line up June 23, 2015.New equipment allows for hundreds of digital High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) channels. Most networks on the Expanded Basic line up are now in HD and part of your cable service.

Housed in a cocoon of concrete and steel to protect it from major storm damage, the head end houses all our video, Internet, FTTX equipment as well as other critical telecom equipment.

Five satellite dishes capture transmissions from satellites in geo-synchronous orbit. A 440-ft. tower receives over the air broadcast signals from television stations in Omaha and Des Moines.

An on-screen programming guide makes it easy to see what is playing now and in the near future.

HMU maintains three channels of local programming and information featuring fine arts, sports and activities from Harlan Community School District; local church services, School Board, City Council HMU Board of Trustees and Shelby County Supervisors meetings.

HMU Cable Subscribers enjoy

  • WatchTVEverywhere as part of the subscription. Click to sign up or log in.
  • Live and replayed HMU Board Meetings on HPTV-Ch 16
  • Taped delayed Harlan City Council, Shelby County Supervisors, Myrtue Memorial Hospital Board meetings, and Harlan Community School Board Meetings on HPTV-Ch 16
  • School and civic events and activities on HLTV-Ch 15
  • Local church services on HLTV-Ch 15
  • Business Advertisements, obituary notices, school calendars, community notices and more on Ch 14

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