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Energy Rebates

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Rebates Available

HMU offers rebates for installing high efficiency gas furnaces

Look For The Energy Star

Qualifying Energy Star appliances receive a rebate from HMU. Check the brochure before you buy.

Saving Energy = Saving Money

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Why Energy Efficiency?

The quickest way to lower your energy bills is to lower your energy use. Plus, using more energy drives up the cost of electric generation, natural gas, transmission, distribution system upgrades and repairs, and generates more pollutants into the air from the power plants.

When you save...we all save.

HMU Rebate Programs

HMU offers rebate programs to promote lower electric and gas use.

  2. APPLIANCE - If you buy an Energy Star qualified appliance, you may be eligible for a rebate. Click here and visit to see a list of qualifying appliances before you purchase.
  3. HEATING AND COOLING - Customers installing approved energy efficient heating and cooling systems may be eligible for a rebate. See chart below for guidelines.
  4. INSULATION - You'll save energy when you upgrade your insulation to recommended levels. See brochure above for complete details.

Our current rebates include:

Eligible item: REBATE:
Central Air Conditioning or Air Source heat pump cooling cycle:
SEER Rating 15. Rebated based on 2.4 ton unit. $125/additional full ton
SEER Rating 16.0+ Rebated based on 2.4 ton unit. $150/additional full ton

Window Air Conditioner:
Must be Energy Star approved (old unit must be recycled).

Ground source Heat Pump :
Prior approval required for rebate.

Natural gas furnace 95% AFUE $300
96+% AFUE $350
Programmable Thermostat 1/2 purchase price,
up to $25
Clothes washer-Must be Energy Star. $50
Refrigerator-10 cubic feet or larger.
Must be Energy Star (old unit must be taken out of service and recycled)

Freezer- 10 cubic feet or larger.
Must be Energy Star (old unit must be taken out of service and recycled)
Dishwasher-Must be Energy Star. $20
Dehumidifier-Must be Energy Star. $10
Insulation - 60% of the cost up to $750 lifetime maximum per address.
See brochure for requirements.

SEER: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio
To read more about Energy Efficiency go to


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