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Whole Home DVR

Watch what you want, when you want, and where you want with a whole home DVR

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Whole Home Gateway

Combining a robust wireless router with a whole home DVR means access to the Internet or recorded shows are just a click away anywhere in the house.

*Record up to six shows at once
*One Terrabyte storage holds an estimated 50 hours of HD recordings or estimated 1,000 hours of standard definition programming.
*Watch, record, play, or pause programs from any TV equipped with a remote media player
*Pause and rewind live TV
*It's simple to schedule future recordings or use the one touch record
*Expanded viewing guide with more program information (Compared to HMU DTA)
*Gateway box comes with one remote media player
*Connect up to four TVs to one Gateway with additional Media Players

Watch instructional videos on how to use Whole Home DVR features

Take a quick look at the Whole Home DVR remote and what it does

Remote Media Player

The Gateway box is the center of the whole home system but the remote media players are what make it 'whole home'.

Your Gateway box comes with one Remote Media Player. The Remote Media Player connects to a second TV and interacts with your Gateway box either wirelesly or wired. You have full function and control over the Gateway DVR from any Remote Box and aywhere in the house.

*Connect up to four TV's throughout the house with additional Remote Media Players
*A wireless connection to the Gateway allows you to watch TV in areas you couldn't before without extensive and expensive wiring
*Record on one TV, watch the program on another
*Pause, play, record, fast forward, back up and more
*Pause a program in one room then continue watching in another with a Remote Gateway

Whole Home Remote

Whole Home remote picture

Click on the picture to see the different buttons and how they work.


Media Gateway and  
One Remote Media Player $29.99 month
Additional Remote Media players (to connect additional TVs) $4.99 month

                                                   Click here to see the Whole Home Gateway brochure


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